Privacy policy

1. Introduction

Enterprise Marketing & Research Services Pty Ltd (ABN – 29 009 546 561) have three employees who
are current members of the Australian Market and Social Research Society and operates within the
AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour to ensure all research projects undertaken are done so while
respecting and upholding the rights of all research participants and clients under The Australian
Privacy Principles, which are contained in the Privacy Act 1988.

This policy outlines the personal information we hold, how it is managed, who it is disclosed to, and
how it can be accessed by you as a willing research participant along with our complaints and queries
process to ensure you have clear and easy access to your personal information and a thorough
process to follow should you believe we have not met one of our commitments to you under this
privacy policy.

2. Collecting your Personal Information

EMRS collects various personal information from research participants depending on the specific
research project we are conducting. These details are not limited to, but may contain name, age,
income details, occupation, and gender. When providing this personal information you will have the
option of remaining anonymous. However, in certain circumstances, such as where your contact
details are provided by a third party or where the research data itself may potentially allow for
identification, this may not be practicable.

Depending on the nature of the research we conduct, we may also collect sensitive information from
you that may include details about your race, ethnicity and various health related information. Such
information would only be collected and held if it is directly relevant or necessary for the research
project concerned and after gaining your prior consent.

3. Types of Personal Information Collected and Stored

EMRS will typically collect your personal information from you directly as you participate in our
research whether it be face-to-face, via telephone or when doing an online survey. Additionally, we
may also collect personal information about you from third parties, including organisations that
require us to contact their customer or member base. If so, this will be made clear to you as soon as is
reasonably possibly along with how this information was obtained.

4. Disclosure of Personal Information

EMRS will only use and disclose your personal information for the purpose of conducting our research
and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We will not use or disclose any of the personally
identifiable information we’ve collected from you for other purposes including advertising or direct
marketing activities. If you have participated in one of our research projects, we may re-contact you
but will only do so if you were informed of this at the time of our initial contact or if we have valid
reasons to believe a genuine research concern warrants such re-contact.

EMRS will not disclose any personally identifiable information we collect from you unless we have
your express prior consent and will only report the information you provide in an aggregate form that
will not personally identify you. We will not disclose any personal information or personally
identifiable research information to a third party for a purpose other than conducting our research
unless we have your express prior consent or are required to do so by Australian law or court/tribunal

5. Request or Amend Personal Information

As a willing research participant, you have the right to request access to any personal information you
provided to us and that we hold about you. You can request this information by contacting the
Privacy Officer via the contact details provided in this Policy. Where we hold such information that
you are entitled to access, we will respond to your request in a reasonable time and endeavour to
provide a range of suitable choices as to how access can be provided.

If at any time you believe that personal information we hold about you is incorrect, incomplete or
inaccurate, then you may request amendment of it and we will either amend the information or make
a record of your attempt to amend such details.

6. Storage and Destroying Personal Information
EMRS will destroy or de-identify your personal information as soon as practicable once it is no longer
needed for the research purpose that it was collected. However, we may in certain circumstances be
required by law to retain your personal information after our research has been completed. In this
case your personal information will continue to be protected in accordance with this Policy. If we
destroy personal information we will do so by taking reasonable steps and using up-to-date
techniques and processes.

7. Complaints & Queries

EMRS treat all complaints or queries regarding privacy and the AMSRS code seriously and will
investigate with due diligence to ensure the matter is resolved appropriately to the satisfaction of all
parties. To lodge a complaint or request further information, please use the following contact details.

Samuel Paske (Privacy Officer)
Post: PO Box 402, Moonah, Tasmania, 7009
Phone: (03) 6211 1222

We will respond and advise whether we agree with your complaint or not. If we do not agree, we will
provide reasons. If we do agree, we will advise what (if any) action we consider it appropriate to take
in response.

If you are still not satisfied, then we suggest that you contact the Office of the Australian Information
Commissioner using the following details.

Phone: 1300 363 992
Post: GPO Box 5218 Sydney NSW 2001
Fax: (02) 9284 9666

This policy is effective from January 10th 2017; however EMRS may alter this policy should
circumstances require us to do so.

8. Useful Links

AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour: